Barefoot Shiatsu

Barefoot Shiatsu works with the same principles as Shiatsu but the practitioner uses the feet and shiatsuphotos 041whole body to apply stronger and more sustained pressure. This Yang style is much more dynamic and vigorous than traditional Zen shiatsu and is particularly useful for clients with tight, hard musculature. It includes a variety of powerful yoga-like stretches designed to unwind stiffness and tautness. After a Barefoot session clients typically report feeling that their tension has ‘melted away‘ and that they are relaxed but at the same time invigorated.

Maria is the principal of  the only postgraduate Barefoot Shiatsu course in Europe.


‘I have been having shiatsu for several years. Like most people I’m busy with work and children, and I find shiatsu a great way to make time for myself and look after my mind and body’.

 GM (London)