Wood Energy; The power of new beginnings

Spring has arrived early this year. Already the grass is growing, the trees are budding and dormant bulbs are pushing upward after their winter’s slumber. Spring is the time of the year symbolising new openings and new beginnings – birth, growth and development – as new life takes form or regenerates and the cycle moves Continue reading »

Best tips for healthy eating

About Eating 🙂 Common sense tells us that we should eat smaller portions and eliminate junk food if we are serious about maintaining health and preventing illness. 🙂 Eat when hungry, drink when thirsty; at all times be mindful. 🙂 Choose and eat only natural whole food; Use whole unrefined foods as much as possible. Continue reading »

Lifestyle tips for a healthy Body and a happy Mind

Lifestyle Tips Use pure cotton directly next to the skin; avoid synthetics and wool. Use natural cosmetics, soaps, shampoos toothpaste and other body-care products Scrub your body with a hot damp face towel or skin brush once a day to activate blood and energy circulation as well as deeply cleanse your skin. Try to take Continue reading »