Lifestyle Tips for a healthy body and a happy mind


Scrub your skin with a hot, damp face towel or skin brush once a

day to activate circulation and deeply cleanse your skin.

Use pure cotton directly next to the skin; avoid synthetics and wool. Use natural cosmetics, soaps, shampoos toothpaste and other body-care products.

Try to take half an hours walk every day, regardless of the weather .

Develop a regular practice of exercise, meditation, yoga, chi-gong, etc.

Cooking, cleaning, gardening and hobbies are also excellent forms of exercise and relaxation.

Avoid electric hobs and microwave cooking.

Minimise the use of television, computers, electric blankets, walkmans, radios, mobile phones and other forms of exposure to electro-magnetic fields.

Try to keep your home clean and tidy.

Create adequate ventilation in your home by regularly opening doors and windows year round.

Keep a significant number of green plants in rooms where you spend time including the bedroom.

Sing a happy song every day.

Try to cultivate a positive and bright mental outlook.

Try to develop the mentality that turns difficulties into challenge and adventures.

Practice and develop a deep sense of marvel and appreciation for all of life.

Practice deep breathing throughout the day, while you wait for the bus or the kettle. Deep breathing is the best way to maintain health.


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