Macrobiotic Consultation

Macrobiotics is a philosophy of living which seeks to establish balance, coherence, connectedness and a profound understanding of life. It originated in Japan around the mid 1900. Its founder George Ohsawa was dedicated to showing people how to improve their health, and thus their lives, by using the basic principles of change “Yin and Yang”.

During a macrobiotic/ nutritional consultation, there is often a long and thoughtful study of all aspects of a client’s condition, physical, mental, emotional, ancestral and even environmental.

Individualized nutritional adjustments are usually given. The diet consists of unrefined natural and organic foods with an emphasis on whole grains, vegetables, beans, and sea vegetables with nuts, seeds and fruit locally and seasonally grown.

Medicinal food preparations are occasionally used.  External treatments such as compresses complement internal food remedies. Together they balance, strengthen and energize the internal organs.

Oftentimes many illnesses or debilitations are the result of deep-rooted problems. Without concise, accurate and sometimes long- term attention by both patient and practitioner, the problem will simply manifest itself again and again, in different forms and in different parts of the body.


Preventative medicine involves such measures as proper diet, plenty of exercises, proper breathing and other daily preventive measures.