healing handsShiatsu is a Japanese therapy rooted in traditional Oriental medicine. It comprises a number of techniques such as acupressure, mobilisation of joints, stretches and modern physiotherapy. Shiatsu re-establishes the balance of energy and relieves pain. It can release long-standing blockages that are responsible for physical or emotional discomfort. It can also release toxins and deep tension from the muscles. Shiatsu can be either vigorous or extremely gentle. This means that it can be suitable for different people of all ages. No two sessions are alike and no needles, oils or invasive manipulative techniques are used – just Informed touch.


‘As well as general health I’ve found shiatsu excellent for specific health concerns. I’ve had problems in the past with very heavy periods which my doctor couldn’t resolve but regular shiatsu has dramatically improved them. I’d highly recommend it to anyone’.  A H (St Albans)

 ‘I have been having shiatsu for several years. Like most people I’m busy with work and children, and I find shiatsu a great way to make time for myself and look after my mind and body’.  GM (London)